Ode to Jim

Once I saw a man
I said to the man "Hey Jim"
He said "I'm not Jim."

I looked at his face
Studied his complexion well
I knew this was Jim.

I gasped in disgust
I asked him "Why do you lie?"
He said, "Well, I don't."

This made me so mad
I knew he spouted untruths
I began to weep.

He tried to calm me
He said "I was born Charlie
And that way, I'll die."

I stopped blubbering
It all hit me, then and there,
He was mocking me.

So I played along
I called him Charlie and laughed
While plotting revenge.

I worked every night
Making sure my plan was right
Until it was done.

I followed him home
To the apartment complex
I went to the desk.

I talked to the man
I asked "Does Jim live here?" "No"
He had fooled them too.

This didn't faze me
I walked slowly up the steps
And tapped on Jim's door.

Inside I heard noise
A rustling of papers
He opened the door.

I said "Hello Jim"
He said "I remember you.
It's still Charlie though."

I smirked at the man
I said "We can cut the shit.
I know you full well."

He bolted away
But I was faster than him
I grabbed his jacket.

He began to sob
He begged me for forgiveness
I had none to spare.

Once the deed was done
I flung him out the window
Went to wash my hands.

Inside the bathroom
Next to the sink I saw it
"Birth Certificate"

It read "Charlie Jones"
Born 1972
I grew so flustered.

I knew Charlie Jones
He was my friend in Iraq
We killed together.

I began to ask
"Did I kill my own best friend?"
It seemed like I did.

My feelings took hold
I looked at the tub in shame
That's when I saw it.

A singular toe
Poking out from the curtain
Someone was with me.

I tore back the cloth
Delicately kissed the toe
It was icy cold.

I looked up at them
I said, "Boy, you're really cold"
But no response came.

It was Charlie Jones
My old best friend from the war
Jim had murdered him.

I shaved his mustache
Sprinkled the hair on my lips
I would miss this man.

Later the cops came
I said I deserved awards
They gave me handcuffs.

So that's why I'm here
Counting days on prison walls
All because of Jim.

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